Moving In Checklist in Dubai, UAE

Once you have finalised and signed your tenancy contract, informed your landlord or real estate agent of your move-in date, and all formalities are out of the way, it’s time to get excited about your new home! Ensure you’ve got everything organised for a seamless move-in experience to eliminate any oversights or stress. 

Checklist before moving in

  • Register your tenancy contract with Ejari
  • Book a moving service
  • Set up or transfer your DEWA service
  • Set up or transfer your Du or Etisalat services 
  • Register with the district cooling provider, Empower or Emicool
  • Register with security
  • Get your moving permit

Register with Ejari

For everything you need to know about registering your tenancy contract with Ejari.

Book a moving service

Booking a professional moving service in advance offers peace of mind, and more importantly eliminates the stress of moving home. Some service providers will even pack your belongings for you!

Set up or transfer your DEWA services

Typically, your new DEWA connection, or transferred account can be activated within 24 hours. 

Setting up your DEWA account

Newly integrated systems between Ejari and DEWA mean you will receive a DEWA connection process electronically once your Ejari contract has been registered.

For everything you need to know about registering a new DEWA account.

Transferring your DEWA account

The ‘DEWA Move To Service’ facilities the entire process of transferring your services to your new address. Again, you can do this online, using the Smart Application and submitting your new Ejari contract number.

DEWA’s Move To service will also transfer your initial DEWA deposit along with the account, meaning you don’t have to bear any new deposit costs when moving, unless the amount required for the new property exceeds the current one. For example, if upgrading from an apartment to a villa.

Set up or transfer your Du or Etisalat services

Compare offers for both Du and Etisalat to secure the best value for money possible. Get in touch at least a week before your move in date, and schedule a technician to visit the property on the day of the move in to ensure you are connected and ready to go.

Register with the district cooling provider, Empower or Emicool

In many communities, chiller services, otherwise known as air conditioning, are provided by a district cooling company, Empower or Emicool. To ensure your air conditioning is activated for your move in day, you will need to register with the respective company. 

Registration requirements for each company can be found here:

Register yourself with security

Whether a gated community or an apartment building, you should register with security to ensure unrestricted movement without questioning. 

Get your moving permit

Certain communities require move in permits, for example:

  • Arabian Ranches
  • DIFC
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Dubai Marina
  • Emirates Hills
  • The Greens, The Springs and The Meadows

Always double check with your landlord or real estate agent whether a move in permit is required. Each community or building will have their own processes in place along with documents required.

Security will request a copy of your move in permit, so ensure that your moving company also has this at the ready to ensure a smooth move in process.

Whether you are moving to a gated community, or an apartment block there may be additional move in policies you should be mindful of. In some instances, you may be prohibited from moving in on certain days of the week, or restricted from using certain lifts or entry points to the building.

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